MultiFlow Center

Diameter: DN400 - DN2400
Volume: up to 25,000 Liter
Max. operating pressure: According to your specifications
Max. operating temperature: According to your specifications
Temperature zones: According to your specifications


Product description

The distribution and collection centre is another product of the range of solutions for multivalent heating or cooling systems. Here again, the combination of low loss header and manifold is brought together.

In addition to the other variants, the distribution and collection centre also offers the possibility to increase the system capacity, in order e.g. to take advantage of residual energy quantities or to reduce clock frequencies.

The tank is divided into different zones within its vessel, each zone presenting a separate
temperature range. The required nozzles are installed outside the vessel according to the different temperature zones. The nozzles can be aligned all around, depending on the desired connection.


Flanged nozzles / Threaded nozzles

For connecting to media-conducting pipelines.
Free choice of the number and position.


For connecting measuring instruments such as thermometer, manometer.

Revision openings

Hand holes for small tanks (100 x 150 mm)
Man holes for large tanks (320 x 420 mm)


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