Multivalent solutions - Increase the efficiency of your heating system!

With the MultiFlow series, Sinusverteiler offers a wide range of solution options for almost any multivalent requirement.

The MultiFlow Domestic is the optimum solution particularly for detached houses or multi-family dwellings with a performance range of up to 3 m³/h. 

Two solutions are available for the performance range up to 400 m³/h or more:

Due to its combination of the patented multi-zone separator and the clearly arranged, easy-to-install compact manifolds, the MultiFlow Expert not only offers a well-arranged system layout, but also maximum efficiency by utilising all available residual heat quantities.

The MultiFlow Center stands for absolute individuality. The highly compact distribution and collection centre perfectly adapts to all requirements of a modern multivalent heating system. Apart from an impeccable hydraulic system, it provides a further added value due to an increase in efficiency of the entire system.

MultiFlow Domestic

The special feature of the manifold-separator combination is the division into three temperature zones coupled with the integrated low loss header to avoid interaction. In normal mode, the connection of high and low temperature circuit ensures the desired minimum return line temperature which operates the condensing boiler in the condensation range. 

The result: High efficiency is achieved due to the fact that the heat quantity contained in the heating water can be optimally utilised.

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MultiFlow Expert

The MultiFlow Expert consists of a low loss header (DN 150 to DN 700) and several compact manifolds (80/60 to 700/500).

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MultiFlow Center

The distribution and collection centre is another product of the range of solutions for multivalent heating or cooling systems. Here again, the combination of low loss header and manifold is brought together. In addition to the other variants, the distribution and collection centre also offers the possibility to increase the system capacity, in order e.g. to take advantage of residual energy quantities or to reduce clock frequencies.

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