Individual buffer tanks

up to 25,000 litres

Diameter: DN 400 up to DN 2,400
Capacity: up to 25,000 litres
Operating pressure: Depending on the requirements
Operating temperature: Depending on the requirements
Product description
  • Designed in compliance with DGRL (note of transl.: Pressure vessel Guideline) and approved in compliance with Sinus in house standards or the AD 2000 specifications
  • From DN 400 up to DN 2,400
  • Connections according to your specifications
  • Optionally with pipe bends, nozzle pipes or mixed and layer sheet metals
  • For hot and cold water systems
  • Other individual components incorporated as required

Inspection opening (depending on size)

  • Handhole closure 100 x 150 mm or
  • Manhole closure 320 x 420 mm.

Flanged nozzles / Threaded nozzles

For connecting to media-conducting pipelines.
Free choice of the number and position.


For connecting measuring instruments such as thermometer, manometer.

Elbow fittings / Diffuser elbow fittings

Elbow fittings increase the optimum utilisation of the height of a tank and avoid unused dead spaces.
Diffuser elbow fittings reduce the flow velocities of the medium into and out of the tank.

Revision openings

Hand holes for small tanks (100 x 150 mm)
Man holes for large tanks (320 x 420 mm)

Nozzle pipes

For carrying the main volume flow without generating turbulence in the tank.

Hole/stratification sheets

To enable necessary stratification within a tank.

Heat insulation

Type of insulation: polystyrene + polyester fibre fleece

- 1.3 mm of polystyrene
- 110 mm of polyester fibre fleece 15 kg/m³ (thermal conductivity group (WLG) 0.038) fire class B1
- Clamping strip fastener
- PVC cap incl. 110 mm of insulation cover fleece
- 60 mm of floor insulation
- Manhole or inspection insulation
- not diffusion-resistant


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