SolidFlow Cascade

Primary and secondary distribution with integrated heat exchanger

Heating water throughput rate: 8,6 m³/h up to 34,4 m³/h
Output at ∆T 15 K: 150 kW up to 600 kW

Stand bracket

Soundproof, zinc-plated and adjustable in height.

Wall bracket

Soundproof, zinc-plated and adjustable in depth.

Thermal insulation

In compliance with EnEV 2014 consisting of two half shells each with end pieces and cutouts, for all nozzles

  • PUR foam in coarse grain aluminium casing

Identification plate

Made of galvanized sheet steel with transparent cover for three-line label for screw fixing to the thermal insulation. Size: 100 x 50 mm, colours: Red for flow line / blue for return line

Draining gutter

Made of galvanized sheet steel. Size: 100/125/100 mm with 2" drain sieve
Fastening devices: Stand bracket, galvanized (height adaptable by customer), wall bracket, galvanized (max. outreach 200 mm)

Mounting frame

For free installation of wall-mounted condensing boilers,
matching the cascade unit.

2 heating boilers on each side
3 heating boilers on each side
4 heating boilers on each side



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